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Posted on September 27, 2015

A couple of days ago, it was a beautiful sunny day, with one of those perfect blue skies which I so enjoy after days of cloud. It was an excellent reason to get outside and to do those little garden jobs that had been waiting for just the right day to do them. Kate was here as well. Kate is a beautiful soul who has been coming one morning a week for several years to help us keep the garden weed free and to do those garden jobs that we find it hard to get round to when we’re busy looking after B&B guests.

Kate was cutting back the raspberry canes which had fruited this year, very prolifically thank you, and was weeding along the bed at the same time, ready for mulching in a few weeks time. I was in the polytunnel tidying up the tomato plants, taking off leaves so tomatoes would ripen , and taking out the growing tips so the plants could put energy into finishing of the fruits that had already set.

As I was working I heard that familiar sound which never fails to send me outside to scan the sky. I could hear them, but I couldn’t see them. I kept looking toward the sound, and there, the first flock came into view. That joyful calling heralds the first of the migratory flocks of geese heading south for the winter. I love hearing and seeing the geese on their travels – it’s a sound that will draw me out of the house to watch them passing over.

September '15 038

For most of the day, more and more flocks flew over knowing exactly where they were headed. It’s such an enjoyable event to witness.

Yesterday I was all set to welcome the new guests arriving for the weekend. I’d familiarised myself with their names, and where they’d come from. The kettle was all ready to go, and there went the doorbell pretty much at the time they’d said they would arrive. A couple came in with suitcases and we shook hands and I introduced myself. They appeared not to speak much english and when I asked the lady to repeat her name, I thought it didn’t sound anything like the name I was expecting to hear, so I asked if they had the correct B&B ; this is Bankhead House.  The husband went back out to the car to collect their paperwork, and instantly I saw they should have been at a B&B up the road. I explained they needed to travel further and was giving directions, and while this was going on another party of guests arrived at the door. Thankfully, they had arrived at the right place, and waited patiently while I explained to the first arrivals in my slowest, simplest english how to get to their accommodation. This wasn’t the first time this mistake has happened.

I would have put it down to folk relying too heavily on sat. navs, rather than consulting a map and then following directions which include the road numbers ( and our postcode) which I email to people on confirming their booking. However, the following day, I read a review an earlier guest had left on an OTA site ( online travel agent i.e. booking . com), where he commented it would have been helpful to have pre-arrival information ( GPS) on our location !!!!! Oh well, and a shrug of the shoulders, you can’t win. If only more of us had the wonderful natural navigational skills of the migratory geese, how much simpler things would be.



Bankhead House

Bankhead House