The pleasure of a simple walk to the beach

Posted on April 18, 2016

IMGP5095The sunshine this weekend seemed to encourage a whole lot of people to go out and enjoy the great outdoors, including us. We knew we wanted to go for  walk along the beach, but which one to choose, they’re all lovely. The decision was made just to go to the nearest one, so we headed down to Silverburn Park and made our way towards the beach on the footpath between the two links courses of Leven and Lundin Links. There were more golfers than we’d seen for ages out on both courses, most with woolly hats to keep comfortable with the nippy sea wind.

The bright yellow gorse bushes abundantly dotted around on the Lundin Links course were striking, and as we stood and watched a group of golfers search for a ball in the rough, I wondered how many golf balls lay concealed in the impenetrable thickets.

IMGP5097We had lots of stops on the short walk to the beach, simply to observe all the different things that were going on around us from the natural scenery to all the activity of the golfers and other walkers with their dogs. Then crossing the Fife Coastal path we headed onto the lovely sands of Largo Bay hoping to find some beach treasure. Walking first into the wind blowing from the west, along the water line, we found a few pieces of coloured sea glass, and a small dried out carcass of a starfish. Our little Jack Russell warily tried to sneak a tennis ball from under the nose of a Retriever, but we spotted it and gave the ball back, much to the amusement of the owner.


IMGP5094Now returning with the wind on our backs we walked close to the dunes looking for interesting bits of driftwood, the dog finding this part of the beach far more interesting than close to the sea, with no doubt the scent of rabbits being the attraction. The skies began to darken and we were sure we’d get caught in a shower, but no, it brightened up again very quickly.

On the same path back to the car, there was still lots of activity on the golf courses, but we didn’t stop like before to watch, we had more pressing things on our minds, breakfast at our favourite coffee shop, though there was time to enjoy one more look at the view .

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