The wet and windy Open Championship

Posted on July 23, 2015

The week of the Open Golf Championship in St Andrews proved  interesting on many fronts. During the practice days at the beginning of the week, our guests enjoyed their days there, just taking in the sights and the atmosphere, and spotting the professional golfers. For one of our guests, it was a long held dream come true, simply to be there and to walk on the Old Course at St Andrews. The excitement of the long awaited tournament at St Andrews was palpable as Thursday arrived and the championship began at last.

All avid golfers, some guests decided to play local courses while they were here and watched the later hours of play on television. Then Friday dawned, play was suspended as parts of the course were waterlogged, so the decision to skip breakfast in order to arrive there early was overturned, and we watched the drama unfolding on the television – kudos to the greenkeepers, they did a grand job.

A very windy Saturday arrived, the guests had an early breakfast and departed for their day at the tournament. Who would have known it was not to be? Very disappointed they hadn’t seen any play at all because of the strength of the wind, they returned mid afternoon. Later in the afternoon I had a couple of emails from campers who had booked a space on our field to say they were cutting their losses and returning home because of the bad weather. At least the guests who had opted to play golf at Crail, had a good day and had enjoyed their second time on a links course. After everyone had returned from their evening meal, we all sat and discussed the day ( and much more) over a glass of port.

Sunday should have been finals day but wasn’t, the championship would be concluded on Monday, so off went the fans again to spectate the events of the day, which were much enjoyed and stories related to us on their return.

And then in the evening, the events hire people with their vehicles set off to St Andrews to load up all their goods from a marquee in the town. They had been staying with us too, and their lorries parked on the farm yard. So as I was preparing a final breakfast for our departing guests on Monday morning, the events hire company drivers arrived back on the yard after a very long night, and went to bed. Breakfast for them would be served at lunchtime before their long journey south.

We have all played our part in the event that is the Open Championship 2015 in St Andrews. The weather, the Old Course, the town of St Andrews, golf players and their caddies, the accommodation providers, the guests/spectators, caterers, and all the hard working people behind the scenes who enable it to come together, including the lads from Bradford.





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