Welcome to the new arrivals

Posted on July 25, 2015

The first nest of house martins have fledged. It’s such a privilege to be able to watch these events at close hand. This year there have only been a few nests up at the bedroom windows; there are several more than usual in the downstairs windows. We enjoy watching the birds building their nests during the late Spring, then there’s the quiet brooding period, and once the chicks are hatched, the long summer days are filled with adult birds continuously feeding their young. The downside of this latter period is the mess on the windows, which gets progressively worse causing the daily cleaning of windows until the youngsters have fledged.

24th July '15 040

We enjoy watching the activities throughout the months the house martins are visiting us. We host swallows as well, and they take over our garage, so our cars stand outside all through the Summer until they have departed again in September. The swallows fledge before the house martins, and the adults are already brooding more eggs.

So now we wait for the other house martin nests to fledge, and for a short while, the daily window cleaning won’t be necessary. Our guests love to watch all the activity too. Who needs a television when there’s so much going on outside the window, and then of course there’s the view too.



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Bankhead House

Bankhead House